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OLP Key Features

Reduce the overhead of organizing your lottery pool to virtually zero.


No More Photocopies

There is no need to make photocopies of all the tickets. Everyone can see the tickets online at any time. All tickets are safely locked in before the lottery drawing.


Manage Players

It is the same pool of friends or co-workers you have now, just automated! Relax! Office Lottery Pools will automatically manage which players are participating in each drawing.


Locked Tickets

Ticket entry is restricted to before the lottery drawing. All tickets become locked. This helps resolve all disputes involving player pool participation.


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Manage Multiple Pools

It is easy to manage multiple lottery pools. For example, most groups include at least Powerball, Mega Millions and one state lottery.


No App Required

You can use your phone but there is nothing to download. No Apps to install. New features added all the time. You’re always up to date.